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NOTE: We have decided to reschedule our previously announced open house for fall! when we're all not so busy getting ready for summer.

But the catapult fest is on! This is an invitation-only event for students who were enrolled in our Young Engineers classes this spring. If that includes you and you'd like to come, register for a free ticket below. You don't need the ticket to attend - just your catapult, and one attentive adult for each catapult-bearing child. Our instructors Will and Jim will be on the blacktop leading the fest, but they cannot be responsible for caring for unattended siblings or friends wandering through the event.

AWR will provide a water balloon station where children, assisted by their adults, can pump their own water balloons (bring your own water bottles; we won't have access to a spigot!).

Like all equipment, catapults can be dangerous if not used properly. You are responsible for all aspects of your own safety and the safety of your child and anyone else accompanying you, at this event.

Suggested projectiles: bring your own wiffle balls or tennis balls, or balloons and water to fill up at our water-balloon pumping station.

Banned projectiles: anything hard, pointy, hot, or otherwise unsafe.


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